Computers have become such a necessary part of our daily lives. We save so many important files onto our computers, not expecting we’ll have a computer crash that totally locks up the hard drive. What do you do when your computer hard drive crashes? How do you recover the important files that are trapped in your hard drive? What about the baby’s pictures and the vacation photos? What about all the emails you have saved? What about household documents, legal documents or address book? Are they gone forever? Do you trash you hard drive and start over with no hope of recovery? Absolutely NOT! Contact Advanced Data Recovery and we will get your files back! We know how important your files are and offer you peace in your time of tragedy. We provide hard drive data recovery when crisis occurs:

Surges and Electrical Failures • Hard Drive Crashes • Laptop Catastrophes • Computer Viruses
Accidental Murphy Failures • Sabotage • Mechanical Failure and other Disasters • Floods

Advanced Data Recovery provides International service with offices in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas, Texas. Call any one of our offices and one of our highly skilled technicians will analyze with you the events leading to your data loss and determine your initial data recovery options. When you send your magnetic media to Advanced Data Recovery, an Engineer is assigned to your project. All phones are staffed by technicians 24/7!

We offer an extensive evaluation and a firm price for the data recovery, based on the specific problems of your media.